Advanced composite panel

PAROC fire proof panels are stone wool based lightweight sandwich panels. The composite action between the core material, steel sheets and the bonding adhesive provides high quality products.

Their excellent properties are based on an advanced sandwich technology developed by PAROC Group

Paroc structural wool

The unique PAROC structural wool core is stone wool, processed with a special method developed exclusively for PAROC panels.

Its fibres are uniformly aligned to achieve controlled strength properties. PAROC panel system has the know-how to control and adapt the strength: Available shear strength classes are 50 and 75 KN/m². PAROC structural wool is available in two types, C and F, according to its fire resistance characteristics.

Hi-tech product

In PAROC panels the steel sheet surfaces act compositely with the PAROC structural wool core to form a high perfomance product with all the features needed for building sections.

PAROC panels are manufactures in a high capacity automated production system. The entire process is subject to ISO 9001 quality routines to ensure consistent quality. Raw materials, panels and production technology are protected by numerous patents.