FRIGoPANEL® 43 is specially designed for roofs in cold stores, where the external walls and roof of the cold store are the sandwich panels.

Technology of vanguard

Some of these innovations applied in FRIGoPANEL® 43 are:

  • Foamed longitudinal joints.
  • Cam locks.
  • Inserted profile of reinforcement next to the inner sheet.
  • Fixing without thermal bridges.
  • Special Watertight joints provided with high profile flashing.

Quick erection

The FRIGoPANEL® 43 is the most modern and efficient system of insulation of the range FRIGoPANEL®. Our modern installations permit us to manufacture it with very controlled costs, so FRIGoPANEL® 43 is economic not only by the low cost of the product but also by the quick erection time.

Technical data

FRIGoPANEL® 43 panels, contribute to a very competitive constructive solution for the insulation of roofs of cold stores, being the panels installed directly above the structure of the cold store.