The panels FRIGoPANEL® 33 can be manufactured in any length up to a maximum of 18 m, they are 1,20 m width, with the insulation thicknesses shown in the enclosed "product info".

Other thicknesses upon request. The standard finish is of painted galvanized steel sheet. Optionally, with other steel finishes as PET, PVDF, Plastisol, PVC, etc. upon demand.

Continuous vapour barrier

By eliminating fixing bolts to the structure, not only thermal bridges are avoided, but also the drillings of the outer steel sheets of the panels or of the joints and therefore a continuous vapour barrier is assured, eliminating the risk of water vapour penetration and consequent frost inside the panels.

High efficiency joints for low temperature

The existing panel systems in the market have different solutions for the joints between panels that have in each case advantages or disadvantages. FRIGOPANEL 33 has a joint that includes the following advantages:

  • There is only one joint in both faces of the panels.
  • Panel has incorporated a cam lock that assures a fast assembly, a high strenght and the perfect fitting of the joints.
  • It does not require fixing bolts, avoiding the thermal bridges and drillings of the vapour barrier.
  • The joints have a cavity in all length that is filled "in situ" with polyurethane (PUR) foam injected with high pressure machine that guarantees the sealing.