FRIGoLOC ® NERVADO completes the modular system of prefabricated insulating panels for roofs in cold stores and storing halls, where the external walls and roofs are the thermal insulation.

The FRIGOLoC ® NERVADO collects from among the last innovations developed in recent years, cam lock and special watertight joint provided of high profile flashings. The cam lock inserted in the panel grants, once mounted, doubtless advantages of:

Els tancaments d'excèntrica inserits en el panell confereixen al sistema, un cop muntat, indubtables avantatges de:

  • Perfect alignment.
  • Tightness of the joints.
  • High strenght and mechanical resistance.
  • Locking to the structure of the building without thermal bridge.

Our modern installations allows us to manufacture with very controlled costs of production, so the FRIGOLoC® NERVADO is an economic solution for its low cost and short erection time.

There exists an extensive range of thicknesses with a maximum length of 18 m. Different sheet finishes like in FRIGOLOC ® panels. See "product info".

Do not doubt in consulting our Technical Department. We will supply you a study according to your needs.