FRIGoLOC panels are 1.20 m width and can be manufactured in any length up to a maximum of 18 m, with an insulating core of polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurathe (PIR) rigid foam.

Thanks to the range of thicknesses produced, you will select the panel thickness to obtain the best economical performance depending of the temperature and energy cost. See attached "product info".

The standard 0.5 mm steel facings of both sides of the sandwich panel, are of galvanized steel sheet or galvanized and polyester factory pre-painted. Under request the steel sheet finish can be of PET; PVC; Plastisol; PVDF or stainless steel.

Just assemble and lock

With FRIGoLOC panels you can achieve high strength walls, ceilings and roofs, by means of the locking devices embedded in the panel joints. All you need is the “Allen” key, supplied with the panels. Just assemble the panels and fix them together by the locks.

So you obtain walls and ceilings or roofs with an efficient insulation, highly resisting, perfectly sealed, with a clean hygienic surface.